Sparks: New Music For Amnesiacs - The Ultimate Collection Boxset

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Image of Sparks: New Music For Amnesiacs - The Ultimate Collection Boxset Image of Sparks: New Music For Amnesiacs - The Ultimate Collection Boxset

Curated by Ron and Russell Mael, ‘SPARKS: NEW MUSIC FOR AMNESIACS, THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION’ is the definitive guide to this extraordinary band’s career – as chosen by the two people who know the band best. The 4 CDs that are presented within a hardbound coffee table book include 81 songs that are the most significant in terms of their career (which spans four decades) or that resonate with them on a more personal level.

The book also features photographs and memorabilia (much of it from the band’s own archives) which, when accompanied by the music, will tell their story from the late '60s as the Urban Renewal Project and their relatively brief time as Halfnelson, through the subsequent 40 years as Sparks. With a more traditional autobiography extremely unlikely, this is the Sparks story, as told by Sparks.

“As the title suggests, we proudly present the first ever comprehensive box-set release of new music for anyone who may have suffered a traumatic blow to the head during the last 40 years and is unaware of our vast catalogue, or for everyone else in better health who wishes to celebrate in elegant fashion the joys of Sparks.

Happily designed to cheer up even the saddest coffee table, the 81 song 4-CD boxset features tracks from all 21 studio albums (non-amnesiacs know that album 22 The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman can't be broken into bite-sized bits) complete with a 64-page hardbound book featuring more unreleased photos and quotes from us than you'll ever need. You'll also be able to fully follow Ron's creative thought process with never before seen handwritten lyrics.” Sparks, Los Angeles, 2013

The boxset will also include reproduced memorabilia, a 2 track bonus CD and a selection of souvenirs.

• 64 page hardback book containing 4 CDs
• A4 Certificate of Authenticity
• A2 Poster
• Vellum envelope containing replica tickets and prints
• Brown paper envelope with contact sheets (photo outtakes of the Big Beat photo session shot by renowned photographer Richard Avedon)
• Souvenir CD in card wallet (‘Islington N1’ from the Sparks Spectacular (21 albums in 21 nights), and ‘Two Hands One Mouth’ from the eponymous tour)
• Laminated AAA pass and lanyard with plastic snap lock
• Car window sticker
• Pin badge